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     Other summer flowering
Spring planting season 15 January - 31 Marc
     Különleges évelők
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Autumn planting season 15 June-30 September
We celebrate the 12th anniversary of establishing Tulipanvilag. The autumn webshop is open from 16 June.
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We established our webshop and webpage in 2002 in order to introduce rare and unique types of flower bulbs to garden lovers in Hungary. Our selection contains more than 600 species and varieties of bulbous plants. We sell the bulbs with the larger size of the species. We do not publish showy flower pictures on our webpage edited with any photoshop software and our photos reflect reality in our gardens.

If any of you visited Keukenhof in Netherland during April, then certainly they were fascinated about the coloured flower–mix: millions of tulips, daffodils, crocus and hyacinth blooming at the same time and the flowers bought joy into the visitors’ hearts by the variety of their colours. We had the same experience on our first visit in 1996. Then we started thinking about the possibility of creating such a miraculous garden for us. Although this question seemed to be easy, the answer came only in 2001, when we planted 3.000 bulbs of tulips, daffodils and hyacinth in our garden.

In the period of blooming those people stopped by too, for a few minutes, who were in a hurry to (or back from) work. We would like you to have the same experience. This is the reason why we created the www.tulipanvilag.hu website, which is a flower bulb online store and on the other hand, it is a page with useful information regarding the bulbous plants and their planting.

We choose different kinds of specialties, so you can have the same possibility of wonder as our neighbors have. We constantly increase our flower bulb offer and simultaneously our website, so you can find the biggest range from Hungary and Central-Europe: more than 600 species and varieties here. Also you have the possibility of a search engine and with its help; you can search by different properties or availability the proper flowers for your garden.

We thank you for sending your remarks and suggestions to us, and please feel free to ask any question in English on the following e-mail address: info@tulipanvilag.hu.

Please kindly be advised to read the important information on “Sales conditions” and “Procession of orders” menu files and come to visit us!
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